In this era of declining independent blogs, what is the significance of link exchange?

As defined on Wikipedia, this SEO method, where two or more sites put URLs on each other to share their user base, has many advantages, including but not limited to increasing page strength, visibility and conversion rate.

Unlike writing platforms like Medium.CoM and My-Dairy.OrG, each independent blog is an island of information. We don't have a recommendation mechanism like "you might like these articles written by other people". So in addition to search engines and social network referrals, we should also need to connect these islands of information in some way: exchanging links to your own website with others is a great way to build bridges.

So if you happen to come across this page, please scroll down and see if there is something of interest to you in the links below.

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  • Lily Ellenvia : Lily Network - AS203236
  • Jackie Cat : Jackie 的猫窝 - 一只猫猫的猫窝
  • Taraneko : 湛蓝的调色板 - 青く滲む 青く滲む 綺麗に